Martin André

Student in computer science at the coding school 19.
Fast learner and interested in big challenges.

Languages: French && English

Main coding languages: C Java Node.js

My background

  • My graduation

  • October 2019 - ...

    19 - Coding School at Uccle

    19 Coding School is a part of the #42Network. The school have a training model inspired by new modern ways to teach which include peer-to-peer pedagogy and project-based learning. The School has been endorsed by many large companies.
    More to read about it on
    wikipedia and deloitte

  • September 2013 - June 2019

    IPC - Providence Institute

    I did my secondary studies at the "Institut de la Providence de Champion" in applied mathematics and sciences.

  • My experiences

  • August 2019 - ...


    01000101 00110010 01000101 01000101 00100000 00101101 00100000 01001011 01001111 01010100 01001100 01001001 01001110
    The code can be seen here but it's really ugly as of now

  • September 2018 - May 2019

    Grateful - Android App

    I've made this Android app with an idea in my mind, being grateful for something every day will help me with my happiness. Then, I noticed that it would be so much easier if I was able to write down what I thought, and the solution was to learn android development and to make my own app for that.
    This project can be downloaded just here: Play Store

  • July 2016 - September 2018


    I worked on the Linux kernel (Android) to implement various functions such as MPTCP and EAS. I did this in my spare time primarily for my Android phone.
    Source not available anymore Old version