Martin André

Passionate programmer with a wide set of skills.
Interested in big challenges because everything is possible.

Languages: French and English

Main coding languages: C Kotlin PHP Nodejs

My background

  • My graduation

  • October 2019 - The future

    19 - Coding School at Uccle

    19 Coding School is a part of the #42Network. The school does not have any professors, does not issue any diploma or degree, and is open 24/7. The training is inspired by new modern ways to teach which include peer-to-peer pedagogy and project-based learning. The School has been endorsed by many high-profile people in Silicon Valley
    More to read about it on - wikipedia
    and deloitte

  • September 2013 - June 2019

    IPC - Providence Institute

    I'm doing my secondary studies at the Institut de la Providence de Champion, following a general education with two options: applied math and science.
    6 hours of math and science per week.

  • My experiences

  • August 2019 - ...


    As of now, I'm currently working on an real time messaging android application. This one is "designed" for s19 coding school (#42Network), each members of this network will be able to sign in the app with their 42 Intranet Account and their messages are going to be end-to-end encrypted using some RSA and AES encryption with a Diffie-Hellman exchange key algorithm.
    The code can be seen here but it's really ugly as of now

  • July 2019

    s19 - Piscine

    I planned to join the 42 Network adventure by going to the 19 Coding School. But in order to be accepted we had to pass an exam called the piscine. It's basically a set of exercices given by the Intranet everdays. We learnt the basics of C programming and I passed it. I'll start the cursus in October 2019.
    The code done during this 25 days long piscine is here
    (don't judge the quality, I learnt and wrote this in 25 days only)

  • October 2018 - April 2019

    Terra - Design template

    In order to improve my web design skills, I undertook to create an HTML/CSS template. The main theme of this design is video games, especially for video game brands that are looking for a showcase for what they do.
    The code can be seen here
    And the site can be seen here

  • September 2018 - May 2019

    Grateful - Android App

    I've made this Android app with an idea in my mind, being grateful for something every day will help me with my happiness. Then, I noticed that it would be so much easier if I was able to write down what I thought, and the solution was to learn android development and to make my own app for that.
    This project can be downloaded just here: Play Store

  • July 2016 - September 2018


    I worked on the Linux kernel (Android) to implement various functions such as MPTCP and EAS. I did this in my spare time primarily for my Android phone.
    Source not available anymore Old version