My background

  • My graduation

  • September 2013 - June 2019

    IPC - Providence Institute

    I'm doing my secondary studies at the Institut de la Providence de Champion, following a general education with two options: applied math and science.
    6 hours of math and science per week.

  • My experiences

  • October 2018 - NOW (still WIP)

    Terra - Design template

    In order to improve my web design skills, I undertook to create an HTML/CSS template. The main theme of this design is video games, especially for video game brands that are looking for a showcase for what they do.
    This project can be seen here: Terra

  • Since August 2018 (still WIP)

    Grateful - Android App

    I've made this Android app with an idea in my mind, being grateful for something every day will help me with my happiness. Then, I noticed that it would be so much easier if I was able to write down what I thought, and the solution was to learn android development and to make my own app for that.
    This project is open source just here: Github (soon)

  • July 2018

    Potterroms - Website

    I made this site for the Moto G5 Plus community. This is a "hub" where users come and search for the rom/kernel they want to download. The UI was designed with simplicity in mind, as I didn't want it to be too complicated for the users.
    You can check this website here: Potterroms

  • Since July 2016

    Linux kernel work

    I work on the Linux kernel to implement various functions, however, I don't work for the Linux Foundation. I do this in my spare time primarily for my Android phone.
    Source not available anymore

Blog Posts

Here are the latest posts on my blog. I'm using it to share about basic Android apps development and Kernel development.